Outdoor Party: Unleash the Fun with the Van!


Exciting News from NBW! Unleash the Adventure with our Party Van Outdoor Activities!

Ready for an Extreme and Different Birthday?

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer party van outdoor activities at skate parks and bike parks around the city for kids aged 8 to sweet 16! If you're planning an unforgettable and active birthday party at the Skate or Bike Park, we've got you covered. Our party van experience includes all the necessary gear and equipment to ensure a fantastic adventure. Leave the organization and transportation to us, so you can fully enjoy the party! Additionally, we can provide all the picnic gear, snacks, sandwiches, cupcakes, and more, to make it a complete and hassle-free experience.

Experience the ultimate transportation and outdoor adventure with NBW's party van services.

For more information and to book our services, please contact us here.

Let's make transportation and outdoor activities an exciting part of the journey with NBW!

Please note that our party van accommodates a maximum group size of 12 individuals per party. We want to ensure that each participant has a comfortable and enjoyable experience during the transportation and activities.

What's included?

NBW brings everything you need to throw a totally awesome skateboard party, including skateboards, protective gear (elbow/knee pads, wrist guards). Helmets need to be brought by participants. Two instructors will be on-site to teach invitees a wide array of techniques ranging from basic board control to more advanced maneuvers like grinds and flip tricks. Invitees can also expect to be entertained by our instructor's cool tricks.

*Includes Driver: Pick up and drop off at one location in all five boroughs of New York. Whatever works best for you.

Outdoor parties from April 1st to December 1st.

Winter? No problem!

Celebrate your birthday in style with our unforgettable ski day trips! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, our trips are designed to make your special day truly memorable. We provide transportation, lift tickets, and equipment rentals, ensuring a hassle-free and exciting experience on the slopes.

Make your birthday a winter wonderland adventure with NBW's ski day trips. Contact us to book your customized unforgettable birthday party ski day trip today!

It's Birthday Season!

  • Private Lessons

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    • ​Lesson is 1 hr long
    • Pricing starts at $85 per lesson for 1 student; each additional student will be $33.​
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