Ultimate European Ski Safari

NEW for 2024/25: The Ultimate European Ski or Snowboard Safari - Adults Only, Kids Only, or Families! No worries, whether you're seeking an adults-only adventure or a family-friendly experience, you won't be grouped together.

Not Just for Families and Kids - It's for Adults Too!

Are you a group of friends looking to experience the joy of skiing or snowboarding together? Are you seeking an adults-only adventure in the snowy Alps? The Ultimate European Ski Safari isn't just for families and kids. It's tailored for adults, providing you and your friends with the chance to embark on an unforgettable ski journey.

Customized Adventures

You can now reach out for more information about The Ultimate European Ski Safari, customized for adults. Whether you're a group of friends or an individual traveler, we can adapt the package to your preferences. The minimum group size is 4 people, and we can accommodate up to 16, making it an excellent choice for various group sizes.

Flexible Date Options

Choose your ideal dates. The Ultimate European Ski or Snowboard Safari is available during two timeframes: Feb 8 - 15, 2025, and Feb 15 - 22, 2025. This flexibility allows you to select the week that suits you best.

Experience a Unique Family Ski Adventure

While your kids enjoy the NBW Ski or Snowboard Academy, embark on an exciting skiing or snowboarding journey through Slovenia and its neighboring countries. Explore a harmonious blend of Italian, Austrian, and Balkan cultures during this eight-day road trip, starting from Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana, and venturing to the enchanting Kranjska Gora, with daily trips to nearby ski resorts.

Ski Safari & Sleepaway Camp ❄ 🏔️ Video


  • Explore exquisite ski resorts in the Julian Alps, Kamnik Alps, Austria, and Italy.
  • Savor the tranquility of uncrowded, well-groomed ski runs.
  • Challenge yourself with off-piste terrain, ideal for freeride enthusiasts.
  • Benefit from the expertise of NBW-certified local guides.
  • Enjoy comfortable stays at the Lodge in Kranjska Gora and a hotel in Ljubljana.
  • Family-oriented with activities tailored for both kids and adults.
  • NEW this year for adults only as well.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Saturday - Arrival

  • Welcome to Slovenia! Transfer to Kranjska Gora.
  • Check in and meet your lead guide.

Day 2: Sunday - Dreiländereck, Austria

  • Ski at Dreiländereck–Arnoldstein, Austria.
  • Explore slopes at the border triangle of Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.

Day 3: Monday - Vogel Ski Resort

  • Enjoy Vogel's pristine ski slopes with breathtaking views.
  • Visit Lake Bled after a day of skiing.

Day 4: Tuesday - Tarvisio Monte Lussari, Italy

  • Ski at Tarvisio–Monte Lussari, Italy.
  • Experience skiing in the border triangle.

Day 5: Wednesday - Kanin/Sella Nevea

  • Ski at Kanin-Sella Nevea, spanning Italy and Slovenia.
  • Revel in exceptional freeride skiing conditions.

Day 6: Thursday - Extra Ski Day

  • Ski at a nearby resort based on optimal weather conditions.
  • Check into a hotel in Ljubljana.
  • Enjoy a late afternoon city tour of Ljubljana.

Day 7: Friday - Krvavec Ski Resort

  • Ski at Krvavec ski resort, a short 20-minute drive from Ljubljana.
  • Delight in well-maintained ski runs and panoramic vistas.
  • Conclude your journey with a farewell dinner and drinks in Ljubljana.

Day 8: Saturday - Departure

  • Check-out and transfer to Ljubljana airport for your return flight.

Join us for an unforgettable skiing adventure thoughtfully crafted for family fun or kids only (intermediate to advanced levels) and exploration - now also available for adults only this year!

For more information regarding the pricing and to explore tailored packages, please feel free to contact us via email.

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